Welcome to sima

Sima is the Spain Incentives and Meetings Association

Sima was created to further promote Spain as an ideal destination for incentives and meetings and to introduce some of the best destinations in the country.


Over fifty million tourists visit Spain each year, making it one of the three most visited countries in the world. To travel to Spain is to experience sun, superb food, hospitality and joie de vivre, and yet it is also to discover the country's rich-heritage of monuments and sights, the imprint of the different civilizations that once made it their home, or to journey through its singular and breathtaking countryside and delight in the stunning, starkly contrasting scenery, study the customs of its peoples and towns, and share in their local fiestas and traditions. To travel to Spain is to opt for diversity, to be the central character in what is sure to be a truly unforgettable trip.

Improvements in two subsections of tourism, transport and accommodation, has been spectacular in Spain in recent years. Our entry into the EC started a process of expansion and improvement in our network of communications that, while still in progress has provided 211,272 miles of rail track, a figure comparable to neighboring countries.

Furthermore, Spain offers a wide variety of venues for congresses, meetings and conventions. The substantial tourist product is complemented by the existence in many Spanish cities, either large metropolitan areas or historical cities, of an adequate infrastructure to organize these types of events. This includes the availability of the appropriate hotels, organizational support and specialized travel agencies dealing specifically with congress, meetings and conventions.
We are including the SIMA´s manual where you will find a wide choice in the area of Incentive Tourism a list of travel companies and de-luxe hotels dedicated to this specialized activity.

This is what makes Spain such a prized destination worldwide, and why the vast majority of those who visit it once, return. In order to share in the enjoyment of a climate, countryside and culture which embody a rather special way of life.